For what kind of writing are you best suited?

Typically my work involves business-to-business companies selling enterprise software products—for example, materials that help to educate prospects in stages of a multi-month sales cycle. While I’ve written a bit of everything, certain situations might be better suited to other writers. Some people out there are much more experienced at consumer marketing or advertising copywriting.

How technical are you?

It depends on what you need. I am a quick study who thrives on learning something new, but I do not have an engineering background. I spent the first twelve years of my career as a software technical writer and conceived and wrote large manuals from scratch for new products used by IT staff and DBAs. I’ve written about grid software, CASE tools, data integration software, RFID software, and chip testing systems, but I’ve also written about survey software, executive education programs, and conference registration services. The writing is suited to the audience and the subject. I’ll begin many projects by having a couple of good conversations with subject matter experts. But some projects really do require in-depth expertise. If I don’t feel I have the right background to complete your project, and it’s in your best interest to hire someone else, I’ll tell you so.

Can you work on a fixed-price basis?

No. It is not always easy to know up front exactly how much time a project will require, but after discussing your project I can provide you with an estimate. My goal is to deliver value, and to make sure both of us are comfortable with the cost and the risk involved in any project.

Are you a loner or a team player?

I’m comfortable in both modes. I enjoy working on my own but also enjoy collaborating with a group of intelligent, creative people. My references will tell you I’m very easy to work with. I have worked for a lot of small companies and get along well with people in diverse roles.

Who do you tend to work with?

My clients are generally marketing executives or CEOs, but I typically work with a variety of people in a company—executives, engineers, sales reps, customer service, and the marketing team. I am equally at home with sales reps, marketing staff, and engineers. The materials I create support product launches, demand generation programs, direct selling efforts, or business development efforts.

Do you do public relations?

I’ve written press releases and work well with PR staff, agencies, and industry analysts.

I am happy to create core messages and content, but I’m not a media relations expert and am usually not a company spokesperson.

Do you work for agencies or consulting firms or only directly for clients?

Both. I discount 10% for indirect work.

Do you work at home or on site?

It depends on the nature of the project. I can do either, and many shorter projects can be completed remotely. But if several different people are involved it helps to have some face-to-face meetings.

Do you have repeat clients?

Yes. When clients become comfortable with our working relationship they tend to come back because they can work with someone who has already come up the learning curve on their business and their products. More than once a client has hired me into a permanent position, and former bosses or peers have also hired me for contract projects when they move on to new positions. When the economy is uncertain, companies tend to be cautious about their permanent hires, and independent workers become more attractive to them.

Are you looking for a permanent position?

No. That’s not in the plan right now. My goal for the next few years is to continue building my independent business. Of course, someone might come along with an offer I can’t refuse….

Can you provide me with writing samples and/or client references?

Yes. I can email them to you on request, and can provide both marketing and techical references.