Forward Into the Past

The past kept calling me. Finally, I answered.

I am now a candidate for the ALM degree (Master of Liberal Arts) with a concentration in History at Harvard Extension School. Learning, research, analysis, and writing are more or less what I have done for my entire career. Now I apply the same skills to a new discipline and adapt myself again to the world of academia.

I always thought I would eventually obtain another degree. And with Harvard virtually in my back yard, how can I not take advantage of one of the most amazing resources in the world? But I also want to contribute something of lasting value. So much of what we do as technical writers or marketers is relevant this month or this year only. Companies for which I have performed excellent, satisfying, sometimes inspired work alongside brilliant colleagues—work that mattered so much in the moment—have vanished, their products no longer in use. Though history too is constantly rewritten, each contribution builds on what has gone before. The adventure continues, with the help of my instructors, fellow scholars, and supportive friends.

Summer reading includes: