Friends & Family

I’ve been married to Mark Bernstein since 1984 and we’ve been together more or less since 1974. Mark is President, Founder, and Chief Scientist at Eastgate Systems, Inc., To learn more about Mark’s other interests, visit his blog at

We share a two-family home in Massachusetts with long-time friends Meryl Cohen and Philip Werner. You can check out Philip’s blogs at and

People we care about are scattered around the globe, but fortunately some of them live close enough to see often, others come to visit, and we like to travel.

My sister Karen (left) with her friend Sue Regina

My sister Karen and her two daughters Tonya and Kim live in southern New Jersey with their various husbands, children, and animals. My European cousins live in Brussels, Belgium and in Gothenberg and Falun, Sweden.

Mark’s mom is in Chicago. His sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, and numerous cousins can be found in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Rochester, Washington, DC, Providence, and several other places.

We are truly fortunate to have many dear friends—those we’ve known since childhood or since college, those we’ve worked with over the years, and some we’ve found more recently. If we haven’t seen or heard from you in awhile, please let us know how you and your family are doing and what you are doing.


With so many virtual communities we sometimes forget we live in a physical place. For the past couple of years I’ve volunteered for Window Arts Malden, the flagship project of a local arts group, which gave me an opportunity to meet some of the fun people who live in my town. In 2006 I exhibited some photographs as part of the event. For more information, visit